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I first heard about the 9.0 earthquake that's overdue to hit the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland, Vancouver B.C.) a couple days before I went on a weekend camping adventure. As I was out in the remote wilderness the thought sunk in that I'm nowhere near prepared to handle something like that, let alone an extended power outage of only a couple days. When I returned home I immediately did as much research as I could and began taking notes on the emergency supplies critical to survival, as well as the items that would be nice to have in various situations.

Naturally, I navigated to and began combing through their huge database of emergency supplies to gather for myself. As I began to share my preparation plans with friends and family I realized I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t prepared, which is why I decided to create I want to make sure everyone knows of the importance of being prepared in the event an unexpected disasters occurs. Whether it's a catastrophic earthquake, a hurricane off of the Gulf Coast, or a powerful snow storm, I want to make sure everyone has the ability to get what they need at an affordable price.

Amazon is the largest online retailer with arguably the lowest prices around, so I’ve gathered the best emergency supplies and placed them into various survival kits based on the number of people in your household and the number of days you'll need to survive on your own before help arrives. Check out our home emergency kits for a family of 4.

Books & Other Resources

Full-Rip 9.0 by Sandi Doughton

Scientists have identified Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver as the urban centers of what will be the biggest earthquake—the Really Big One—in the continental United States. A quake will happen--in fact it's actually overdue. The Cascadia subduction zone is 750 miles long, running along the Pacific coast from Northern California up to southern British Columbia. In this fascinating book, The Seattle Times science reporter Sandi Doughton introduces readers to the scientists who are dedicated to understanding the way the earth moves and describes what patterns can be identified and how prepared (or not) people are. With a 100% chance of a mega-quake hitting the Pacific Northwest, this fascinating book reports on the scientists who are trying to understand when, where, and just how big THE BIG ONE will be.